• Freelancers and Third Spaces: How They’re Changing Work for Everyone

    WeWork recently announced a rebrand – one designed to cement...

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  • The Changing Meaning of Financial Management

    How five emergent financial brands and products are disrupting the...

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  • From Nara to Now: Translating Sake Outside of Japan

    With Japan pushing for sake to become its next big...

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  • When science isn’t enough: why health brands entering China must build strong semiotic reputations

    Foreign health brands entering the Chinese market have a lot...

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  • Millennial Health

    How the design language of tech and clean eating made...

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  • Muses, Leaders, Creators

    How the influencers of tomorrow are building cultural relevance and...

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  • Pokémon GO & the Perception of Space

    New Topographies and Transmedia Storytelling We live in a hyper-orientated...

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  • What can premium spirits brands learn from neighbourhoods?

    We were recently delighted to partner with the excellent OC&C...

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  • Suburbia and the Wilderness

    The trope of Suburbia has long been used to create...

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  • The New Heirs to the Kingdom

    The past year has seen a flurry of reforms in...

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  • Worrying Futures: Post-Millennium Sci-fi Gets Closer to Home

    As of October 21st 2015, we are officially living in...

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  • Mindful Tech: New Directions for Design

    One of the most striking aspects of Amazon’s latest second-generation...

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  • Creating Meaningful Futures:
    for People and Technology

      Will machines ultimately connect or conquer us? Gemma Jones recently...

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  • Androgyny and the Fall of Rigid Masculinity

    “Often, we’re saying, ‘Stop expressing those feelings.’ And if a...

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  • Unearthing Female Power

    Serena and Pantsuits   In the midst of fourth wave...

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  • Selfie culture and its impact on beauty brands in Asia

    The industry has adapted the selfie for its own ends,...

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  • Navigating Borders: Nuance, Clarity and Universal Languages

    History teaches us that language has never been a static...

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  • Why China is Ripe for Semiotic Insight – A Supercharged Market

    Need To Know: Semiotic insight is a critical tool in...

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  • Space Doctors Opens Singapore Office

    The Space Doctors Singapore office is now up and running....

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  • Re-Enchanting Cultural Meaning in Dubai with Live Semiotics App, Cymbol

    This week Space Doctors are presenting at ESOMAR MENAP 2017....

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  • The Complexity of Governance in Modern China

    The tension between ‘objective’ laws and ‘subjective’ action is an...

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  • Creating Meaningful Futures in Asia

    For 15 years, Space Doctors have been helping clients in...

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  • Givaudan- Exploring snacking in India

    In India, snacking is a national obsession: in few other...

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