Malex Salamanques has just returned from the 12th World Congress of Semiotics in Sofia, where she took part in the 2-day round table on the semiotics of brands.

Malex in SofiaMalex presented an overview of Space Doctors’ innovative Design Semiotics Tool which helps develop meaningful brand identities through visual, structural and interactive elements of product experiences.

The round table reviewed important themes:

The mechanisms by which brands become life styles from a semiotic point of view;

The movement from a product-centered discourse to a meaning-centered one as brands;

The “tri-dimensionalisation” of meaning through experiences – essentially, how the future of branding will be shaped by building meaning through co-created experiences.

Malex also participated in the thought-provoking Design Semiotics round table where ideas on how semiotics and design can work together were shared spanning themes such as materiality as a means to communicate, the use of semiotics and cultural insight to inform the design of artefacts, and the potential of semiotics based tools to create structures to support the development of design systems.

The event was an inspiring one which has ignited new ideas as we create the next generation of design thinking at Space Doctors.