The World of Chocolate

Every taste brings together stories, senses and emotions. 

Cadbury asked us to map out the future of chocolate at a time of flux. Craft chocolate was on the rise in the UK, with brands like Choccywoccydoodah, Max Brenner and Hôtel Chocolat making a mark. Chocolate was moving from guilty pleasure to a substance of high aesthetic value.

Our client was eager to understand this shift. So we explored this new frontier of chocolate in depth to give the team a full sense of the transformation at hand.

The Cadbury portfolio had already claimed a rich emotional space – Joy. To make sure the brand’s take on joy continued to live and breathe, we also carried out some wider analysis on this theme. It took us beyond the world of chocolate and into travel, music, art and even science-fiction– where we found plenty of inspiration for how Joy could move forwards.

The work we did here has become a resource the client still returns to. We particularly enjoyed being invited to re-present to the global team at their annual conference in Venice. It’s really rewarding to know our insights are strong enough to offer a reference over time.

Space Doctors delivered fresh, provocative insights that stimulated our thinking and sharpened our NPD programme.

In fact, chocolate has become a bit of an obsession at Space Doctors – and how could it not be? Its cultural meanings are endless: once you start nibbling away at them, it’s very hard to stop.

For example, we’ve since collaborated with food artists Bompass & Parr to explore the multi-sensory dimensions of chocolate in a project called Chocophonica. And one of our on-going drives is to create wider structures, maps and stories to make sense of chocolate’s many meanings.