Cereal Partners Worldwide
What’s for breakfast in France and Italy – and why?

Cereal is the breakfast food of choice in many countries – but less so in France and Italy. And it was precisely these markets that Cereal Partners Worldwide had on their radar. The brand team asked Space Doctors to figure out why cereal wasn’t resonating here, particularly with younger mothers.

Once we had an answer to that, we could start identifying NPD and communications opportunities that would meet the deeper, underlying needs at issue in these markets.

It would have been easy to stop at a superficial answer: maybe traditional croissants and espresso still held sway. But we found it was more complex than that – and in fact, was a category issue. Cereal symbolism in these markets was awash with ‘junk’ cues: cartoon characters and chocolate references. This kind of imagery was stopping mothers from seeing cereals as real food capable of properly nourishing their families.

Building on these insights, we identified opportunities that redressed the balance in favour of a ‘real food’ message, without losing the pleasure quotient. Our work ranged through emotional spaces including the need for breakfast to feel ‘home made’, breakfast as the time to let out your inner teenager, and changing attitudes to nature in Southern Europe.