Cereal Partners Worldwide
Images from the streets create new stories for women

Cereal Partners Worldwide cereal brand Fitness came to us with an inspiring brief that enabled our Cymbol community to come into its own.

The brand team wanted to develop a new visual identity featuring purposeful, healthy women – rejecting the weight-loss clichés that used to dominate the category. The identity needed to work across Turkey, Brazil and France, with Russia and Italy also of interest.fitness_cereal_packet

After analysing the brand’s current identity and exploring the visual language of emergent healthy breakfasts, we called on our Cymbol community for grassroots visual inspiration. We got back a feast of ideas, including some lateral motifs – car keys symbolising independence, female skateboarders out on the streets in Italy, and abstract, vibrant patterns expressing joie de vivre, strength and presence.

The images we received suggested all kinds of stories; they were a lot more intriguing than obvious shots of attractive women looking confident. We didn’t want to lose any of this valuable input, so ended up capturing it in a beautiful book for our client. It gave them something tangible they could turn to again and again for a dose of inspiration.

The semiotic insight and workshop process from Space Doctors helped our brand team and creative agencies get to an exciting new visual direction for Fitness. Tapping into the Cymbol community gave us access to real-world, authentic visual stimulus to help us build an exciting but really relatable picture of femininity and healthy bodies across five very different markets. It pushed us further than a standard group of consumers might allow us.

The project also included a workshop in which we built visual posters from our collection of images. We provided a detailed rationale for every image selected, building on the semiotic and cultural insight we’d previously uncovered. It helped our client and their partner agencies see the benefits of using a rigorous semiotic process to choose images. As a final step, we created a visual guide to applying the new identity across different touchpoints.

Thanks in great part to the involvement of Cymbol, this project was able to address some real cultural issues regarding what a ‘healthy shape’ now means for women.