It’s 2035. What do men see when they look in the mirror?

World-famous P&G brand Gillette asked us to hold up a mirror to men’s grooming habits and look closely to uncover the stories in play. They wanted us to project into the future too, sketching out likely changes in male grooming over the next twenty years.

The scope of the project was wide in terms of place as well as time: we studied the UK, the US, India, Brazil and Germany. Methodology was also diverse – we involved several experts and carried out field trips which took us from the public banter of barbers’ salons to the intimacy of family bathrooms.

Space Doctors are a provocative partner for Gillette, helping us to navigate the fast-changing shave-care market so we continue to be the most trusted partner for the next generation of men. Together we built a future-facing system for understanding the changing face of global masculinity and shaving behaviour. This has proved invaluable in helping us craft our purpose, and connect more emotionally with Gillette users around the world

We also took a wider look into the future of male grooming to help Gillette prepare for the major shifts the next few years are likely to bring. Finally, we put forward opportunities strategically designed to help the brand maintain category leadership.