A juicier generation of packaging for Nestlé

We were asked to identify and understand current equities of Juicy Juice packaging visuals, then recommend ways to optimise the pack to better communicate certain themes. Juicy Juice was a very successful and much loved brand, and it was trusted by parents as 100% juice.

But while flavours and advertising had evolved through the years, the pack had been left behind. The team was conscious it no longer communicated the values of the brand as effectively as desired.

Our work – which involved carrying out both semiotic and qualitative analysis of the Juicy Juice brand and several competitors – gave the team a wealth of inspiration, recommendation and opportunity to take the brand forward.

[Semiotics was an] amazing, eye opening process that allows you to see the gaps between your brand perception in the minds of consumers and what the packaging/label represents when looked at in isolation. The process provides insights for strategy changes in brand positioning and communication.

In our final workshop, we brought the brand team, advertising agency, and design agency together and drove towards the final creative brief for the pack redesign, one which the team today can be confident embodies what this brand is all about.