Rusham Park
Lighting, language and where you sit for lunch…all clues to the bigger picture.

P&G’s Rusham Park Technical Centre in Egham, UK is home to scientists, technologists and engineers working on the next generation of health and beauty products for P&G.  Influences from business, science and engineering come together here to create innovative, leading edge products for P&G’s consumers around the world.

When the site embarked on an exercise to create a new and compelling vision, we were excited to be asked to feed internal cultural and semiotic thinking into this process. We began by putting Rusham Park’s culture, environment and language under our own microscope. Probing into every aspect of life at the centre – including lighting in the labs, the language used in internal communications, team behaviours and seating arrangements in the cafe – we started to gather some bigger myths and narratives about the culture of the site itself and what made it distinctive.

From these, we developed a set of themes and ideas both symbolically powerful in themselves and semiotically tailored to Rusham Park’s unique culture. Our clients were delighted with how our semiotic approach got to the heart of this very special organisation. It gave them the self-understanding they needed to move forward confidently and purposefully to create a new vision, a new brief for site development and a new name – the London Innovation Centre.