This September, our own Cato Hunt will be talking about the Space Doctors approach to Sensory Branding, at the Unleash The Power of Visual Design conference in London. We put a few questions to Cato, to find out more about how a sensory approach to design can help unlock a brand’s potential.

What will you be speaking about at ‘Unleash The Power of Visual Design’?

Over the last nine months we’ve been busy developing a new approach to understanding the role of design in creating meaningful brand experiences. We all recognise the impact of visual design and the value this brings. But we don’t think this is enough. Great design must deliberately engage the senses in multiple ways – not just how it looks, but what it smells like or how it feels to use.  We want to open up a new conversation about how the senses work together to create brand meaning.

How is this related to the work you’re doing for clients at the moment?

There has been a lot of excitement around experiential and sensory branding over the last couple of years, but we felt the need to explore this more deeply through a semiotic lens. Our journey has been a thrilling one and has seen us draw on a multiplicity of ideas from areas as diverse as neuroscience, sensory ethnography and experience design. During this process we have not only evolved some of our current methodologies, but also created some new ones.  Unsurprisingly, much of the client work I’m doing at the moment is putting these new ideas into practice, making sure they really deliver. So far so good!

What do you think makes this conference different?

I love the idea of a design conference that is specifically for non-designers. It’s an industry which can feel a bit intimidating, so anything which brings better understanding and collaboration has to be a great thing.

When and where can we see you speaking?

3pm on the 22nd September at Thomson Reuters, Canary Wharf.

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