Cymbol is our global community of on-the-ground cultural influencers

It's hugely varied, bringing together fashion bloggers, tech junkies, creative writers, artists and more.

All are passionately involved with their category, which gives them a sixth sense for the changes that matter.

The calibre of its members sets Cymbol apart from typical on-line research panels. While these often sample whole swathes of the population, Cymbol aims to provoke, not represent. So we're highly selective about who comes on board.

Our proprietary mobile and web platform gives us real-time access to these brilliant contributors, who send us little gems of insight as they go about their day. The immersive quality of their input makes it raw and real as well as intellectually exciting. They can also talk to each other through the platform – it's amazing what comes out of these conversations.

All in all, this is a great resource for a whole range of projects, from the ethnographic to pure inspiration-hunting. To give you a more concrete sense of what Cymbol can do, here are some questions we've recently asked the community:

Here are the kind of
questions we love to tackle