Giving healthcare brands a meaningful future

Understand the cultural footprint of a condition to gain competitive advantage

Space Doctors dismantled the taboo of adult incontinence, breaking through what were previously considered no-go areas for our client, and revealing a new way to connect to the truth of the condition.  Assumptions about what you can and can’t say were proven to be misplaced and a new and competitive understanding of the condition was brought to the category.


Tell a unique and resonant story

One of the world’s leading analgesic brands wanted to identify new ways of describing the efficacy of their product. By identifying the multi-sensory codes of  “relief” in popular culture, we were able to plot the specific efficacy stories associated with those codes. It led to a step change in how the brand team thought about product efficacy and how they communicated it to their consumers.


Deploy the insight with impact across all touchpoints

A global cold and flu relief brand wanted to understand how to communicate the notion of “power” in-store. Deploying our Cymbol technology into stores, we revealed new ways of communicating power at shelf that positively impacted consumer behaviour and gave the brand a new and distinctive presence in store.

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