We used to think drinks were just “any potable liquid that is swallowed, a beverage”. After undertaking numerous drinks related projects from across the category, we understand that they are so much more. They are a vestibule, a vehicle, a medium for connection, and a substance that can infiltrate the body infusing it with healthy elements, new experiences, even new feelings and emotions. Drinks really are MAGIC.

Personally, drinks serve as an intermediary between our outside and inside self. They let the outside respond to the needs of the inside. Whether those be for refreshment, nourishment, isotonic balance, or just a feeling of lack or emptiness. A drink can bring any of these remedies to the inside where they spread and diffuse rapidly, literally filling us.

Socially drinks are a medium of connection, helping forge bonds with others. Sharing a drink brings you closer, lets you share an experience, build a memory, forge a relationship. Over a cup of “potable liquid” many a grand adventure, romance, or friendship has began. Their clink can seal the deal on a treaty, signify the union of a couple, celebrate a momentous occasion, or just a revelry of life.

For a long time we have heard of the coming of a “magic pill”, the one that really does let you lose weight while eating anything you want, the one that does cure acne and prevent wrinkles, the one that does make you feel younger and better. I say the future is not a magic pill, but a magic drink. Not only can it pack all of those elements inside itself, it brings an experience and pleasure that a pill never can. No one clinks together a pill in celebration, no one falls in love over a pill at a beach picnic. Stop searching for the magic pill, and keep you eye out for the magic drink.

One day you will not have to drink one for hydration, one for nourishment, one for balance, one for energy, one for beauty, and one just for pleasure. The magic drink will arrive that delivers all of these things in a single flowing elixir, filling us to the brim and satisfying our needs.