“The limits of my language are the limits of my world”


Joining a new organisation – be that brand, corporate or social, for a short period of time you are all too aware of there being an incumbent language of the organisation. Words, abbreviations, phrasings which are owned by that organisation are the result of its origin, its history and reflect underlying assumptions, taboos and norms which tell of the culture of the organisation itself. This is the language you learn to operate there and to fit in.

In time, this language becomes second nature and the underlying assumptions become palatable as you adopt the norms of the place and its culture. As organisations attempt to innovate, however, and to change their behaviour to stay in step with evolving international markets and cultures, aspects of the culture of the organisation (which largely exists to preserve itself) can become barriers change. Removing these cultural and language barriers is both critical for change and difficult to do without knowing exactly where you are looking. A combination of cultural theory and semiotics applied inwardly to the organisation’s culture and language can hold a mirror up to the organisation’s norms and assumptions – identifying what has a language, what can not be spoken, and what has no language or voice.

We work with brand teams, marketing departments and boards to tune up existing languages, to reframe cultural norms and to focus the organisation for innovation and to help them more ahead of the cultural wave in their markets.