Space Doctors were represented at LATAM 2014 held in Buenos Aires at the beginning of April.

Our Gemma Jones talked about Cymbol the Live Semiotics app which brings together digital ethnography and semiotics to deliver immediate insight from the people at the forefront of their culture.

Gemma presented a specific case study carried out with Virgin Atlantic on the future of premium dining experiences in the UK and the US as well as how the innovative methodology can be usefully applied to emerging markets and youth demographics.

The two day ESOMAR LATAM 2014 programme was packed with impactful presentations and inspirational calls for increased creativity and craftsmanship in today’s research practice.

Unsurprisingly digital was broadly discussed, and the real time research possibilities that this offers.

It was very inspiring to learn how the researchers working in the region are ready and keen to innovate through understanding youth, the ‘base of the pyramid’, the impact of the world cup in Brazil and complex sociopolitical contexts.

It was a great pleasure and privilege to enjoy Argentina’s unique culture and wonderful hospitality.

Thank you ESOMAR for such a great event!

Our top soundbites from the conference:

“Creativity is the art of what’s possible”

– Carola Verschoor

“Brands need research to help them to be brave”

-Orlando Hooper-Greenhill

“Market research is a profession not an industry or a production line. Every question, solution and method is different. It is a craft”

– Finn Raben