Fiona McNae and Gareth Lewis Discuss Space Doctors Asia

With the anticipated opening of our Singapore office, CEO, Fiona McNae and Asia Regional Lead, Gareth Lewis discuss creating meaningful futures in Asia


Fiona McNae:
Space Doctors is a brand consultancy and we specialise in creating meaningful futures for brands and organisations around the world. And that’s really about helping brands and organisations change for the better. So when we work with brands, we look to help them identify the cultural space that is best for them to occupy, and to work with them to optimise all elements of their communication to absolutely master that space.
We know that brands rely on generating that type of cultural meaning for their value.

Gareth Lewis:
We’ve been working in Asia for fifteen years, ever since we started the company. I think if you’re interested in culture, if you’re excited about culture, then Asia is probably the most exciting place in the world you can be.

It’s not just an economic powerhouse; it’s a cultural powerhouse as well. Singapore is where we are going to open our office. That’s the right place for us to be. It will bring us closer to the clients that we have in Singapore but also the clients we have in India, the clients we have in china, the clients we have in Japan as well. It also puts us much closer to that network of cross-disciplinary experts that we work with and rely on in order to understand how culture is changing at the local level.

Asia is a very diverse place. A lot of our clients have brands that operate in three or four very different markets but they have the same positioning and they want to understand how to communicate that positioning, which reflects and respects the cultural context in which the brand is operating and working in.

Fiona McNae:
Knowing how to respond to change in culture is critical for brands to be successful and that is what we know we do best.

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Gareth Lewis
Director, Asia Regional Lead