Watch Fiona McNae at TedXExeter


At TedXExeter in April, Space Doctors CEO Fiona McNae spoke about the relationship we have between what we say and what we communicate.

Where there is no vision, the people perish
Proverbs 29:18

TedXExeter saw its fifth iteration earlier this year at the Exeter Northcote Theatre in which a wealth of some of the most inspiring and passionate speakers took the stage to discuss this year’s theme, ‘Dreams to Reality’. The event was a wonderful success; a fusion of disparate ideas, philosophies and passions drawn together and harmonised to create a day that truly encompassed the TED talk’s mantra ‘Ideas worth spreading’. Audiences were invited to reimagine the world, were challenged to beat bullying, and Fiona directed us to take responsibility for how we are understood in a world where meaning is a shifting and dynamic concept. Watch Fiona’s talk below.

Fiona highlighted the need for us to take responsibility for what we communicate, and to take control of how we are understood by taking the time to consider what we say, and how it might be interpreted. This active participation in communication, she says, is about more that making it easier to talk to others who live in a context that we may not immediately find intuitive to navigate, but also to create areas in our world that are more compassionate, empathetic and ultimately more healthy environments.

This fundamental approach to semiotics, which at its core is about ensuring that we are saying what we mean to say, is given more profundity in its simplicity: understanding and empathy are leaves on the same branch. It is a poignant reminder to consider that something like communication, something that we often take for granted, can be optimised, and with it, our relationship with the world around us.