The Future of Health: 6 Key Insights

Inspired by mutating consumer views and assumptions about achieving optimal wellbeing, which belie the evolving interface between health & technology.

HumanPerfect1. Human Perfect

Consumers use technology to repair and mend broken elements or physical faults without fear of taboo and progressively implant, augment, and physically alter themselves in pursuit of cosmetic enhancement.

going transparent2. Going Transparent

Comprehensive data is often touted as the route to solving personal and societal health problems, but feelings of being controlled by nagging tech and reduced to mere statistics is causing a rebound; data is only as valuable as the outcomes it enables.

Immortal Coils3. Immortal Coils

Technology companies that once focused on discrete services and prosaic problems are turning their attention to the biggest, most diffuse, and previously unimaginable ‘problems’ including the elimination of death. Considering technology has long asserted its science-fictional and even magical abilities, it’s an unsurprising departure from traditional medicine and religion.

New Primitivism4. New Primitivism

Being positioned at the top of the food chain brings heavy responsibilities and hi-tech food production seeks reconciliation with lo-tech atavism to solve global agricultural problems.

SecondSkin5. Second Skin

Biomimicry, with the help of technology, will allow consumers to supervise their bodies and respond to environmental factors outside of our control.

MissingDNA6. Missing DNA

Human genomes are the missing link to innovation. Consumer-specific DNA products claim ultimate personalisation and increased health benefits but their efficacy and ethicality remains in question.

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