Space Doctors™ announce a step-change innovation in global semiotics and cultural insight. Introducing Cymbol™, the app for Live Semiotics™

Cymbol is Space Doctors’ proprietary, mobile-based research platform. Designed to facilitate digitally-enabled semiotics, it gives direct access to an international community of culture creators and consumers.

Space Doctors specialize in accessing ‘the power of context’ as a means of explaining and anticipating consumer behaviour and perception. We bring our interpretative skills directed at unpacking meaning and understanding how this is being translated within category communication. Cymbol enhances these strengths.

Cymbol and Live Semiotics Core Benefits


Cymbol projects give us access to real world, grass roots culture. We can access the experiential dimensions and passion points across the whole consumer experience. We can analyze brands in their real world context, down to very specific locations and across touch points.


Feedback from our Cymbol network is immediate and unmediated. Which means access to people’s lives as they unfold. With Live Semiotics we’re taking semiotics away from the desk and connecting directly with consumers in market and in culture. The understanding we glean is anticipatory — we are able to ‘sense’ emergent culture as it emerges at a grass roots level.


The community is a network of intelligent, well-connected and culturally influential consumers and experts who can give us truly insightful feedback. These are real people in the real world giving us truer, rapid responses in an unmediated environment. Bridging the gap between strategic insight and action, our recommendations are immediately resonant with the culture and consumers, and impactful for the brand.

How Cymbol Works

Cymbol Case Studies

Rapid immersion in the cutting-edge of premium dining experiences for Virgin Atlantic.

Live connection with cultural catalysts in London, New York, Brighton, LA and San Francisco, and experiencing with them their most inspiring dining experiences.

Finding the taste & health sweet-spot for mum & baby with Plum Baby.

A rapid turn-around study with Plum Baby mums using live meal-time diaries to identify the taste triggers for mum and baby, and understanding these raw, individual experiences in the wider cultural and category context.

What can Cymbol do for You?

Cymbol is highly flexible and our bespoke projects can be applied to a spectrum of commercial needs, including:

  • Consumer segment enrichment
  • Micro-targeting within markets ( e.g West Coast vs East Coast US )
  • Experiential and spatial design
  • Understanding of in-store / multi-channel retail opportunities
  • Coherence of messaging across mix elements
  • Co-created inspiration to drive NPD and communications
  • Globally-relevant design direction
  • Material culture and ‘user’ understanding for product design
  • Global youth culture trends and anticipation

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