On 4th October, 2012, Malcolm Evans, co-founder of Space Doctors, held an all-day workshop on the commercial application of semiotics in Prague, Czech Republic.

He visited the heart of Europe at the invitation of the London in Prague initiative, “a symbolic place where great new ideas are forged through the power of creativity and connectivity without limits,” and its frontman Jaroslav Cír from the Perfect Crowd consultancy.

Around two dozens participants, in-house marketers, market researchers and PR gurus, as well as consultants, students and journalists, joined a session “loaded with learning, fun and inspiration”, as one of them puts it. “Through the theoretical introduction, as well as during the practical analysis of different cultural patterns in the second part of the workshop, when we were attempting to apply semiotics to specific Prague related examples, we hugely enjoyed ourselves. Listening to Malcolm Evans, you just feel an urge to grab a pencil and create, create, create.”