Fiona & Gareth take to the road in China to absorb some street level culture during a ‘flavour and sensoriality’ workshop trip with our client in Shanghai.

“So far in Shanghai, we’ve crossed the Huangpu River via the portal of kitch wondrousness that is the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel (‘nascent magma asteroid alert’, anyone?), we’ve looked out from the world’s highest observation deck at the top of the world’s third tallest building, we’ve sipped herbal concoctions allegedly brewed using the petals of flowers fetched from China’s mountain peaks by specially trained tea monkeys, we’ve scurried through some of Shanghai’s famous lilong lanes, we’ve petted countless designer puppies, we’ve travelled helmetless through the French Concession and beyond in a revamped 1940’s BMW sidecar motorcycle, we’ve sampled folk cuisine from the southwestern province of Yunnan, we’ve enjoyed a bespoke tour of some of No. 50 Mogashan Rd’s most jaw-dropping gallery spaces (thanks Vlad), and we’ve seen a marked improvement in our chopstick technique.

We’ve even managed to squeeze in a bit of work on emerging Chinese food, beverage and health culture, as well as meeting up with old and new clients, collaborators, colleagues and friends”.