Understand how culture shapes technology and why it’s important for your business

1. Companies have a wealth of user data but too often this doesn’t translate to meaningful insights about people and their needs, desires and fears. Semiotics and cultural insight helps us uncover the human story driving changing behaviours and preferences.

Our client wanted to understand the story behind trends toward certain colour preferences in device purchases. How much can colour really impact perception and aspiration? Do certain colours build value for consumers differently in different markets? Semiotics was ideally placed to interpret the relationship between colour and consumer devices in categories today but crucially chart an inspiring path for a meaningful global colour strategy for tomorrow.

Other kinds of questions we can answer:

- How can I create original content that builds a lasting connection with Gen Z?
- Why do our devices seem to connect more with male consumers?
- What is it about my competitor’s platform that is helping them retain subscribers?

2. Technology is seen as synonymous with innovation, but in a saturated market too often innovation doesn’t land with impact or is quickly replaced. Semiotics spots the emerging patterns that reveal the cultural landscape of the future so we can create and invest in experiences and products that are really relevant, timely and empowering for people in different markets.

Our client had world class virtual reality technology with a plethora of possible applications and target groups. How can a technology synonymous with the near future and clunky science fiction become relevant for everyday life and be user friendly for consumers now? Our analysis and expert partners helped make sense of an emerging consumer category and identified new applications and contexts for VR that went beyond the typical. Our insights and recommendations are impacting experience development as well as positioning and communication.

Other kinds of questions we can answer:

- What will mobility look and feel like in India in 2025?
- What will beauty consumers expect from e-commerce experiences in 5 years’ time?
- How is the idea of education changing and how can my products facilitate lifelong learning?

3. Technology and media is experiencing an era defining moment of disruption and scrutiny. Cultural strategy shines a light on audience and market specific sensitivities and helps build an organisational culture that can lead with integrity and authenticity towards positive social impact.

Like every major player in the media and technology space today, our client is doing great work toward socially responsible initiatives. However much of the messaging and impact is being diluted by cultural confusion, public mistrust and incoherent corporate communication. We worked to dimensionalise the different ways organisations are contributing to social progress, articulating our client’s distinct role and how this can be better expressed through effective and relevant, every-day people storytelling.

Other kinds of questions we can answer:

- How can my social media platform and influencers nudge behaviour change toward kindness and mutual respect?
- How can I enable and encourage my B2B customers to build sustainable practices?
- How can I ensure my messaging represents diversity on a global and local scale?

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