The Semionaut, in conjunction with Space Doctors, announces its second annual Semionaut Award for new writing in the area of semiotics, communication, culture and branding.

Semionaut Award Logo I[2]

Global online magazine and knowledge resource, Semionaut, is excited to announce the commencement of the second Semionaut award for students and recent graduates across the world with exciting ideas and insight. Previous entries have covered topics as varying as Roland Barthes and Facebook, post modern pop music, and an exploration of identity in the urban environment told through a photography series.

The essay competition offers a prize of $1,000 USD, sponsored by Space Doctors, as well as opportunities to work on applied semiotics projects for commercial clients,  and collaboration with some of the leading semiotics professionals in the field. 2015’s winner, Hannah Hoel, has subsequently started working at Space Doctors HQ in Brighton, in part, as a result of the incredible insight that she displayed in her entry.

Entries will take the form of an essay of 600-1500 words, that will be judged on quality insight, analysis and creative flair by the Semionaut editorial team, Space Doctors, and one of the best known names in academic semiotics internationally. The deadline for entry is the 17th April, 2016.

For a full outline of the competition, and for rules and registration, email or visit the Semionaut website.

We look forward to your insight.