Charged with excitement on their return from the 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Semiotics and Visual Communication, Emily Dawson and conference speaker Malex Salamanques bring us up to date on what was a fascinating event investigating the sensory seductive possibilities in design.

Last month we headed to Cyprus to immerse ourselves in the culture of seduction at the 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Semiotics and Visual Communication, affectionately referred to as ICSVC.

Our very own Malex Salamanques was invited to speak and gave a talk on sensorial affordance in packaging. She encouraged people to see beyond conventional forms of seduction by showing that we are seduced by the pack itself and that that this seduction is a multi-sensorial experience.

Building on Donald Norman’s theory, outlined in Emotional Design, Malex explored the power of designing with the senses in mind to engage with the user on three levels: the visceral, the behavioral and the reflective. Using sensorial cues on packs she proposed engaging the senses, extending the experience and making the packaging irresistible, beyond a purely visual paradigm.

CultureSeductionMain-2The weather was beautiful, the food delicious and the company inspiring. We even had a chance to meet up with an old friend, Dr. Paul Cobly, following his talk on visual culture and the repression of nonverbal communication. We heard from a multitude of speakers covering everything from the seductive power of post cards to that of tantric objects.

What was fantastic and exciting was the different destinations arrived at when seduction was the start point. Who knew that a talk on discursive political debates in Romania would spark a thought about strategic positioning for brands?

It was a brilliant conference, providing us with an in depth opportunity to stretch our thinking and explore new territory in the world of semiotics and visual communication. Here’s to round 3!