Space Doctors’ Lunch & Learn series continues with an interactive exploration of possibilities of total engagement through the pioneering use of gaming in research, with CEO and founder of Research Through Gaming Ltd, Betty Adamou.

At Space Doctors, we are ceaseless in our exploration and examination into the ways in which we can more effectively engage sensorially and semiotically with the world around us. Our search for inspiration and collaboration has resulted in meeting some fascinating and incredibly insightful people who have shared with us their take on the world.

Out latest guest at the Space Doctors’ HQ was Betty Adamou, the thoroughly disruptive (she has the awards to prove it) CEO and founder of Research Through Gaming Ltd. Her company boasts an impressive client list, gathered through a promise to provide innovative research techniques that engage consumers beyond the traditional. Betty delivered a fascinating look at the world of gaming, and the techniques she is academically and commercially pioneering the use of. Her technique harnesses the power of the “most engaging medium of all time”, a medium that commands cerebral and visceral effects over those participating.

Beyond the joy of listening to someone profoundly knowledgeable talk about something that they are admirably passionate about, Betty’s work highlights the potential for ever greater engagement and enjoyment through research. At the core of this approach is story. Story and the pursuit of satisfaction of basic psychological desires, namely purpose, mastery, autonomy and relatedness, feels absolutely central to any communication. From workshops, to debriefs, our work tells stories, and the potential to increase their potency through elevated user experience, be it adopting elements of gaming, or creating immersive experiences, is key as we continue to tell stories from all around the world.

You can experience one of Betty’s research games here.