Space Doctors have been filling ears with chocolate. As the opening date edges closer we are getting intensely excited and proud to be collaborating with the British Museum of Food at London Bridge with the truly inspirational Bompas & Parr. Chocophonica is coming and it’s going to be sensorially compelling.

Alcoholic Architecture, The Bompas; Parr installation that has been pleasing crowds in London over the last few months, is set to be expanded into a museum, the first cultural institution of its kind anywhere in the world and Space Doctors have been asked to create an installation. Choco-Phonica is a journey through the sound of chocolate, a study into the affects of aural manipulation on our taste, as well as being a culturally revealing examination of our relationship with one of the oldest and most emotive luxuries in the world.

We asked Cato Hunt to take us through the adventure so far:

When Sam Bompas (one half of food experimentalists Bompas; Parr) came to visit Space Doctors, none of us quite imagined what was in store – from the history of funeral biscuits, to eating banana confetti and watching gherkins turn into light bulbs. It was an extraordinary experience. It was clear that we had a lot in common – a desire to explore deep cultural meaning and human perception, and to play around with these ideas in new and experimental ways. After a shared train ride home and some mind-bending conversations, we’ve ended up in a dark room, eating chocolate, listening to some very strange sounds.

The result is ‘Choco-Phonica’, an installation seeking to explore our relationship with chocolate in new ways. Created in collaboration with Bompas; Parr, this forms part of their hotly anticipated British Museum of Food in Borough Market – the world’s first cultural institution entirely devoted to the history, evolution, science, sociology and art of food.

The experience will immerse visitors in a ‘sonic wonderland’ which seeks to explore the meaning of chocolate through sound, and how this impacts the taste experience. Visitors will also be invited to take part in an experiment, with data being collected and analysed by some very clever multisensory scientists, so we’ll be reporting back in a few months with some findings…”