Space Doctors were represented at the Second International Congress on Market Research INVESTIGACTIÓN in Bogota, organized by ACEI, Colombian Market Research and Public Opinion Association in August 2012.

With two hundred delegates and eleven international speakers, the conference was a huge success.

Malcolm Evans captivated the audience with an evocation of personal development discourse entitled “Seven habits of semiotically empowered people”. We normally leave the self-referential postmodern semiotics to others but the temptation to gently outshine our friendly competitors even in this questionable respect proved irresistible in the birthplace of magical realism. 

Otherwise the key messages remain the power of semiotics to get to fast and inspirational insight into emerging markets. And the culturally grounded approach to accessible and actionable ideas, which makes Space Doctors the acknowledged leaders in commercial applications of semiotics internationally.

Evaluation and feedback from conference organisers Juliana Galindo Azcárate, Rosalba Olivella and María José Calvo showed that delegates responded with great warmth to our presentation and came away recognising the huge potential semiotics has in boosting the quality of service marketing research and consultancy provides.