Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Sam Bompas (one half of the cultural phenomenon that is Bompas&Parr) into our studio.

Sam’s arrival was a memorable one – wheeling in a large cool box, some electrical paraphernalia, bottles of chemicals, a jar of gherkins… that pretty much set the scene for a session that had us learning about funeral biscuits, the history of jelly, how to turn a river green, the role of anticipation in creating experiences, how to create jelly moulds in the shape of St Paul’s Cathedral, the impact of neuroscience on sensory perception, how to work with volcanologists to recreate lava flow and cook with it, and ways of working which enable such ground breaking creative thinking.

We ate banana confetti and jelly in the shape of a castle (it was the best jelly any of us had ever eaten). Gherkins were electrocuted and turned into lightbulbs.

It was bonkers and brilliant. And the gherkins weren’t the only things fizzing as we left – so much inspiration and so many ideas – we now just have to turn them into projects!