At Space Doctors, we’ve long worked with Financial Services brands to help define their own meaningful futures. Here’s three …

Understanding the emerging context of the workplace got us closer to the nature of the employee-employer workplace relationship of the future

To present a more compelling insurance offer, our client needed to understand the newly emerging cultural codes of the workplace and contextualise what ‘workplace benefits’ mean in that new landscape for both the employee and the employer. Space Doctors was then able to offer guidance on how this evolving picture would impact their global thought leadership agenda in the space.


Telling a unique and resonant story of Financial Wellness in the context of premium payment cards

Our global consumer retail banking client wanted a forward-looking shot of inspiration around the theme of ‘affluence’ in US culture and brand communications. Space Doctors delivered that understanding and recommendations to help the client pre-empt other premium payment card competitors and maximise a new long-term relevance amongst their target.

The result: A better positioning, more focused communications, higher customer engagement and a more robust strategy with which to build the brand over time.


Deploying impactful financial services insight in Africa across all touchpoints

For one of Africa’s biggest consumer banks, Space Doctors' challenge was to consider how they should re-invigorate their ethos of encouraging people to embrace their dreams and achieve their aspirations.

We revealed not only how this idea should be most usefully articulated but how tonally it should be executed across the bank’s many touchpoints – ensuring future communications would strike the right balance between being dynamic and demonstrating an acute desire to be seen as really listening to customers’ needs and wants.

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