Head & Shoulders
Even in the quietest category, there’s scope for fresh thinking.

The anti-dandruff category in Mexico may not be the most dynamic space in the world of personal care. But that doesn’t mean a brand as big as Head & Shoulders can afford to stand still. It has to rise to its role as category leader and inspire consumers with something fresh.

Facing this mission, the brand came to us. It’s the kind of challenge that focus groups can’t solve by themselves. Finding inspiration can be difficult when a category has been around for so long, doing what it does best in the way it always has; it takes a methodology able to dig deeper. Semiotics, Space Doctors-style, proved the right choice.

By investigating Mexican hair care practices, we learned some fascinating and unique things about attitudes to hair and cleanliness in this market (from the volume of hair gel used by male consumers, to the remarkable amount of hair washing that goes on in the market). At the same time, we found ways for the brand to communicate sensorial and experiential as well as functional benefits, guided by the rich emotional language of the market.

Gareth and his team were professional, responsive and engaged on every level. The semiotics revealed our communications in a completely new light, and the  recommendations Space Doctors made gave us a clear sense of the steps we need to consider to achieve our long-term goals for the brand.The outcomes of this work will feed directly into our forthcoming consumer sessions, and we will continue to work with the team at Space Doctors to make sure we get the most out of this next phase.

Our involvement delivered benefits to our client across several fronts. We helped the team structure and frame subsequent qual work: that way, they got far more out of it than if consumer research had shouldered the full responsibility. We also hit on major insights in an unexciting category and identified solutions to key behavioural obstacles for the brand.