From the Greek for 'science of signs', semiotics is typically associated with the study of symbols, and the use or interpretation of meaning.

But at Space Doctors we believe semiotics has more powerful implications than this definition might suggest.

In fact, we often refer to semiotics as the ultimate Operating System - a better way of thinking and working.

Semiotics harnesses human logic to infuse culture with meaning and gives brands their value.

Semiotics can deliver the nudge which in turn makes large-scale behavioural change possible.

Semiotics can reveal the subconscious drivers that power human decision making, and by getting to the core of communications can help brands and businesses understand the body language of a category better than their competitors understand themselves.

But it goes deeper than that. Our very thought processes are underpinned by semiotic principles.

And what neuroscience cannot tell us, semiotics often can.

At Space Doctors we use semiotics-led insight techniques to shape the future, define the creative landscape of tomorrow, and help build the world's boldest and most culturally responsive organisations.


Discover what semiotics can do for you.